Variosun - the sunspray with adjustable sun protection factor

I am just back from a lovely holiday and cannot stress enough on the importance of a good sun protection spray. I carried the Variosun Sun Spray with me. If you have not heard about Variosun earlier, let me quickly introduce you to the brand. Variosun is an adjustable sun protection spray which offers top quality formula in an unique dispenser system. This system allows you to choose sun protection factors from 2 to 24. With the simple turn of a dial you have the perfect sun protection for your entire family.

The bottle has 2 sections where the 2 replaceable cartridges fit in. One is the Spray protections with SPF 24(Orange) and the other one is the Spray Care with SPF 2(White). There is a dial on the bottle which allows you to adjust your sun protection factor. Once you have selected the desired sun protection factor, press the dispenser head and you get the spray accordingly. The higher the sun protection factor you choose the more orange the spray's colour would be. For e.g. if you were to use only SPF 2 then the spray would be white in colour, and if you were to select SPF 24 then the lotion would be orange in colour. Always return the dial to the lock position after use.

The dispenser comes with an instruction leaflet which clearly explains the method to prepare the dispenser and easy instructions for use. It also details different skin types and the SPF required for different periods of time. Use a higher SPF if you intend to stay out longer in the sun. What I liked about Variosun was its intensive UVA and UVB protection. It contains Vitamin E to help prevent UVA induced skin ageing. Aloe Vera and panthemol help moisturise and condition the skin. The spray is dermatologically tested.

You can order Variosun online on Ecohip. They also stock the replaceable cartridges. This is the only product I have tried from this brand. Have you tried any products from this brand. If yes, let me know how you got on with them.

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