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THERA°PEARL Eye-ssential Mask - Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy

THERA°PEARL packs aim to provide effective therapeutic benefit to treat pain, swelling and bruising. THERA°PEARL make a wide range of pack...

THERA°PEARL packs aim to provide effective therapeutic benefit to treat pain, swelling and bruising. THERA°PEARL make a wide range of packs like the Knee Wrap, the Neck Wrap, Face Mask, Eye-ssential Mask, Contour Pack and Back Wrap among others.

The unique feature of THERA°PEARL packs is the innovative Pearl Technology® that absorbs and delivers heat and cold for  highly effective therapy. The pack can be frozen for 2 hours in the fridge and then used to treat injuries or any other physical trauma. Alternately you can heat the pack in microwave for a maximum 15 seconds and use it to warm up muscles and to prevent injuries during exercise.
Let me tell you about my experience with the THERA°PEARL Eye-ssential Mask. I have used it mostly as a cold therapy pack. The packaging says freeze it for 2 hours, however I left it for around 4 hours in the refrigerator compartment and not in the freezer. The reason being my previous experience with a gel filled eye mask ages back. Leaving it in the freezer used to make it very hard and unergonomic to use. Keeping it in the refrigerator section works well for me. The cool feeling lasts for a good 15 minutes which is enough to soothe and relax the eyes. The eye mask as a cold pack takes care of eye puffiness/under eye bags.

I have also used it to provide cooling relief to the eye area after getting my eyebrows done :) Just put the cool mask on and relax for 15 minutes while the mask does it's job.

One of the uses of the eye mask is to help with headaches. I suffer from migraine and this feature of the mask is what attracted me the most to it. Thankfully, I haven't had an episode of migraine in the last 2 weeks and so haven't tested the mask for headache yet.

The mask can be reused and washed with soapy water as well. I have put it to use 6 times in the last 10 days and it is working fine. Most eye masks that I have used earlier tend to wear off after sometime and the inner contents leak. I am not sure how long this eye mask will last, but as of now it looks like the best one I have used so far. I particularly love  the cute little blue pearls inside the mask.

What I liked?
- It is comfortable. Being pliable it fits most face shapes perfectly. It fits both me and Mr. H perfectly well even though the shapes of our faces are quite different :)
- Compact design makes it easy to carry while travelling.
- Works nicely for de-puffing eyes.
- Easy to use: The mask is easy to put on and remove because of the snaps provided on the sides.
- Soothing and relaxing

You can check out THERA°PEARL on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and Google+ for more information on their product range.

Do you use eye masks?  How do you prefer it - Hot or Cold? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Note: Please read the instructions on the packaging before use.

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