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Nougat Conditioning Hand and Nail Serum - Fig and Pink Cedar

Nougat won me over with the style and packaging of their conditioning Hand and Nail Serum . The first thing that attracts me to a product ...

Nougat won me over with the style and packaging of their conditioning Hand and Nail Serum. The first thing that attracts me to a product is its packaging and 10 on 10 to Nougat for getting that spot on. The hand and nail serum comes in a glass decanter with a string of stones at the neck making it look so very special. It adds a feel of luxury to the product.

The serum has a gel like texture that is a bit sticky for the first few minutes after application. But once it is absorbed it leaves the hand smooth and non-greasy to touch. The serum is extremely intense as it claims and you need only a pea size amount at a time. Considering how little is required for each application, this 250ml decanter will last for months. The serum is very soothing and moisturising and has a wonderful delicate fragrance. According to Nougat, the serum contains extracts of White Tea and Vitamin E both renowned for their antioxidant properties along with Aloe Vera, Panthenol and Violet all known to soothe, calm and moisturise.

Overall, a wonderful moisturising product that is effective on dry skin. What I liked was:
- the delicate fragrance
- the gel like texture
- the quick absorption
- the packaging

The hand and nail serum is available in 4 fragrances:
- Tuberose & Jasmine,
- Fig & Pink Cedar,
- Cherry Blossom and
- Peony.

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Note: Post contains PR sample.


  1. Cute packaging <3 .. Looks a good product - I love nail serum to keep them healthy ;)
    Nice review sweets <3

  2. Yes, the packaging is very lovely and the serum is very intensely conditioning as well.