Green Earth Wok by Ozeri: With Natural Safe Ceramic Coating

Deviating from the usual reviews of beauty products, today I will be talking about the Green Earth Wok from Ozeri which is one of the world's first woks to achieve non-stick perfection while remaining absolutely free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals. PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) is a substance with waxy properties and is used in conventional non-stick cookware to achieve the non-stick properties. However at very high temperatures(which is common while cooking) PTFE starts to decompose and releases some harmful fumes. So, Ozeri came up with a new technology called 'Ecozeri' which utilises a 100% ceramic coating derived from nature. This makes the Ozeri wok eco-friendly and ultra-safe. It is also more durable and scratch resistant than normal non-stick cookware.

I have been using the wok since a week now and I LOVE it. Cooking is a breeze with the Ozeri wok. The wok is not very heavy and it is non-stick even though it doesn't have PTFE. It has helped me reduce the usage of oil. Just a little bit of oil and food cooks well and easily slides out of the wok. It is best for cooking veggies and to make stir-fry noodles. I prepared some roasted peppers, broccoli and quorn for dinner yesterday night and it was quick and mess free. The veggies just slid out the wok. I had prepared some stir-fry noodles the other night and even that was a breeze. Quick cooking and easy cleaning.

What I like?- Perfect size and deep enough.
- The solid bottom that sits perfectly on the hob.
- It is non-stick :)
- Easy to clean.
- Can be used on induction stove as well.
- The feeling that I am now preparing healthier meals.
- Love the colour. It stands out against the purple gadgets and brightens my kitchen.

What could be improved?- I wish it came with a glass lid as well.

Overall, love it so far. You can purchase the Ozeri Wok on Amazon where it retails for £36.95. The price seems to be reasonable considering the quality of the product.

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  1. Nice review dear :) Noodles - Yummiee !! ;) :D


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