What is Moroccan Lava Clay (Rhassoul or Ghassoul)?

The Moroccan Lava Clay (Rhassoul or Ghassoul) which is extracted from deposits in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco is a pale brown clay which is often referred to as the King of Clays. The clay is extracted by hand and then left under the sun to dry out. Read on to find out why it is called the King of Clay.

Moroccan Lava Clay has been a beauty secret for ages, right from the time of the ancient Romans and Egyptians. For centuries women have used it for its healing and beautifying properties. The clay is rich in minerals like Potassium, Iron, Silica and Magnesium. It cleans the skin without stripping off its natural sebum. It does not dry out the skin and works well for all skin types. It has been working well even for my sensitive skin.

What Rhassoul clay does?
- It exfoliates gently, removing dead cells.
- Improves the elasticity of your skin.
- Smoothens the skin texture and improves skin health.
- When used on the scalp, it relieves the discomfort caused due to itching or flaking.
- Effectively cleanses acne prone skin.
- Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities make it a good choice for conditions like eczema as well.
- Very good at stimulating skin renewal.

Moroccan lava clay can be used in 3 ways-
1. As a body cleanser in the shower. Mix 1 tsp of clay with 2 tsps of water and use it instead of your normal soap or shower gel.
2. For cleansing your hair - Mixed in the same proportion as above, use it as a replacement for your shampoo and conditioner.
3. As a part of a face pack - you can add it as an ingredient in your home-made face packs. Its detoxifying properties help to purify the skin and tone it well.

With so many benefits and different ways to use it in your beauty regime, it is no wonder that the Moroccan Lava Clay is called the King of Clays and is used at almost all spas around the world. You can try the beauty treatment even in the comfort of your own home like I do :) Just grab a packet of Moroccan Lava Clay from Herbjar's online shop and enjoy the goodness of Rhassoul.

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