Gwdihw Nail Wizard Hand Balm

More often than not, many of us ignore our nails except when we are out to get a manicure. And cuticles are neglected even more. Considering that there is a very good reason why cuticles are present, it is important that we keep them in good condition. Healthy cuticles mean stronger and healthier nails. Cuticles provide a protective layer for the nail tissue. Apart from regular nail and cuticle care during a manicure, it really helps if you regularly moisturise your cuticles and nails.

When I was sent the Nail Wizard balm by Gwdihw, I incorporated the balm into my nightly hand-care routine. Just like the Smoochy Lips Lip Balm, this balm also comes in a 25g cute little tin with an even cuter owl on the lid. The balm has a lovely lemon fragrance and at first glance looks thick. But when you apply it onto your hands and start rubbing it in, it melts and is easily absorbed. You need just a little bit for each application so the tin will last long. I am using it nightly, but one can also use it during the day. A little balm is sufficient to moisturise the hands and will not leave your hands greasy.

The ingredients list which is all natural is perfect for softening the skin. I have noticed a difference in my cuticle's condition. They look more nourished and softer. At £4.49 for each tin, they are pocket friendly and last a long time. Overall, its a wonderful product which takes care of my hands and leaves them smelling pleasant.

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