Palmer's Cocoa Butter Intensive Relief Hand Cream

The benefits of Cocoa Butter are known to all. It's a natural moisturiser derived from the cocoa bean. I have used the fragranced versions of Palmer's Cocoa body butters/lotions and have liked them. Mr H was never particularly keen on the 'chocolatey' fragrance though. So, when I  asked him to try the Cocoa Butter Intensive Relief Hand Cream, he was reluctant. But when he did try he was impressed mainly because it was fragrance free and provided good moisturisation as well.

Palmer's claims that the Cocoa Butter Formula Intensive Relief Hand Cream provides effective and long lasting relief for severely dry, itchy and irritated hands. The luxuriously creamy formula moisturises, softens and soothes sensitive skin. Our unique fragrance free formula keeps your skin moisturised from the inside out. Hands look and feel soft, healthy and smooth.

I have used this cream for some time now and its perfect for moisturising your hands after gardening, cleaning, or any activity that dries out your hands. The emollient property of cocoa butter makes the skin soft and excellent for treating skin dryness.  Our hands are the first to show the signs of aging and its imperative that we take good care of them. Its good that Palmer's now also have products targeting just the hands. A welcome addition to the existing range of much loved products.

What I like?
- Paraben free
- Fragrance free
- Works nicely on very dry skin as well
- Long lasting moisturisation

You can find the product at all major retailers like - Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Wilkinsons among others.


  1. oh yea!! This is good stuff! Following along with BlogLovin!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Nice review I am fond of hand cream still not satisfied with anyone :p

  3. Rasa Nandini, try this one or the Nivea Q10 range.

  4. Would love to try this product!


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