E45 body lotions

E45 is a brand very well know for their products that are aimed at acute skin ailments. For ages E45 creams have been used to treat very dry skin conditions. Recently E45 came out with a range of daily body lotions which they claimed will leave the skin looking and feeling luminous. The 4 variants included 2 lightly fragranced and 2 fragrance free lotions.

Touchably smooth: Lightly fragranced everyday lotion to help keep skin smooth and soft.
Nourish & Restore: Everyday lotion with a mild fragrance that prevents dry skin and retains moisture.
Intense Recovery: Fragrance free lotion that helps restore the skin's moisture levels keeping it soft.
Moisturising lotion: Everyday lotion that soothes and softens skin. It is fragrance free and perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Having used 'Nourish and Restore' and the 'Moisturising Lotion', I can say that both are wonderful at keeping dry skin at bay. While I loved the 'Nourish & Restore' for its mild fragrance, Mr H loved the fragrance free one. The lotions are easy to apply, non greasy and get absorbed easily. Used twice a day, the lotions keep the skin soft and hydrated. I would highly recommend these lotions.

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