Heyland and Whittle Tea Tree Soap

You must be aware of the beneficial properties of Tea Tree Oil. I have used it earlier for spot treatment and to get rid of the occassional unexpected zits. If you have been reading my blog you will know that I had recently purchased the Heyland and Whittle - All in Pink! Classic Small Soaps in a Gift Box. The box included a Tea Tree soap as well. And it came in good use recently, as I have been plagued with a few small red breakouts on my face. Hormones, I say!

And that's where the Tea Tree Soap came to my rescue. With Tea Tree Leaf Oil and a whole load of other equally good oils like - Peppermint oil, Witch Hazel oil, and Eucalyptus Oil - the soap has helped me get the redness on my face under control.

The soap is bursting with a magical blend of oils and herbs - all of them with some or the other healing property. My skin is now back to normal. The tea tree oil took care of the breakout and the coconut oil worked as a wonderful moisturiser. I love the fresh and invigorating feeling after using this soap. It makes you so fresh and ready to face the day. I am going to try out all the soaps from the gift box one after the other, so watch out for more of these soap reviews :)

Price and Availability:
I purchased this as a part of the Gift Box. However, you can also buy it individually. It is priced at £4.80 for each 95gm bar.

You can search for a local stockist on the Heyland and Whittle website.

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