Fashion Trend - What is a Peplum Dress?

Peplum, peplum everywhere. What exactly is a peplum?

Peplum in Greek means tunic. There is also a word called 'Peplos' in Greek which was a kind of garment worn by ladies in ancient Greece. Basically peplum is a strip of fabric that has been gathered at the waist adding flounce or ruffles at the hip area.

I personally find that peplum looks lovely on ladies who are endowed with a curvaceous waist/hip. Having said that, you would have noticed slender ladies carry it off nicely as well.

There are 2 groups out there - one who think peplums are gross. It looks like you have draped a frilly valance around yourself rather than around the bed ;-) They feel it belongs to the world of home decor - more suited to curtains and bed drapes. And then there is the second group who find peplums the current hot style in the fashion world. You have so much to choose from - peplum dresses to peplum skirts and peplum tops.

My favourite is a peplum top over a well structured trouser. Would you wear a peplum and if so what is your favourite? I leave you with some peplum dresses/tops for you to look at.


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