L'Oreal Elnett Flexible Hairspray - Review

I have no particular favourite when it comes to hairsprays. I keep picking up new stuff as and when I spot them while shopping. And that means I always have a variety of hair care and styling products to choose from in my bathroom closet. One product which I picked on a whim was the L'Oreal Elnett Flexible Hairspray. I have been using Tresemme hairsprays and was not overly happy with it. I thought why not try this one. So read on to know how it fared.

Product claims:
L'Oréal has created new Elnett flexible hold because todays hairstyles have to hold and be able to move naturally. Lasting hold without stiffness. Soft hair, non sticky feel. Disappears at a stroke of a brush.

Availability: You will find it in most supermarkets and high street stores. I picked mine from Superdrug.

My experience:
Though I dont use a hairspray daily, when I do use it, I like it to be as natural as possible. My hair is dry and wavy with some curls. I do not like the caked on feeling that most hair sprays give. This one claimed to give lsating hold without stiffness. When used as per the instructions on the can, the spray works well. It doesnt make my hair stiff and keeps them looking natural with my curls held in place too. Its easy to brush it off too. One of the better hair sprays that I have used.

What DB likes?
- Brushes out easily
- Leaves hair soft
- Doesnt make my hair stiff or caked

What DB doesnt like?
- the chemical smell. I wish hairsprays smelt like perfumes or body mists :)

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