Review - Avon Care Lip Cream

I will be reviewing the Avon Care - Lip Cream today. This has been in the Avon range for long but looks like they have reworked the packaging to go with the Christmas theme. Old wine in a new bottle you could say. I had picked it up during Christmas but got around to using it only sometime back.

The lip cream (or lip balm) comes in a small squeezy tube with a slanted dispersing end. I have used it for a few weeks now and it is nothing great to write about. It’s an okay kind of lip cream. It is a bit thick in consistency; this could be because of the weather here at the moment though. Because it’s in a tube, I am finding it a bit difficult to get it out. Had it been a stick applicator, it would have been easier to use I feel.
The lip cream smells good - not a strong smell. Lingers on for some time. It is a fairly decent moisturiser. It has rice bran oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E to take care of the moisturisation. It keeps my lips soft for a few hours. The tube is tiny, so easy to pop it into your purse and carry along and reapply.

The original price is £3.20 but for the Christmas offer it was selling at £1.50 when I purchased it.
Petrolatum, Shea Butter, Rice bran oil, tocopheryl acetate, benzoic acid, saccharin, Rubus idaeus extract, aqua, glycerine, apple seed oil, blackberry extract, grape vine extract and few other ingredients

What I like
- It has rice bran oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E for moisturisation
- No waxy feeling on lips

What I don’t like
- The consistency is a bit thick for my liking. Am finding it difficult to squeeze it out of the tube.
- Packaging could have been a stick form instead of a tube.
- Stays on and keeps lips soft for only a few hours. So you need to reapply frequently.

DB’s Rating
I will give it 2.5/5

Being a little thicker than the other lip creams I use, I find it difficult to squeeze it out. However because it is a low priced item, I am not complaining too much. I will not repurchase this one though. I have used better ones and so will skip this.

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