Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged, Dry Hair

While I don't colour my hair, I do heat style a lot as my hair is wavy, frizzy and very untameable. A hair straightener is needed to help tame it. I understand the damage that heat does to hair, so I ensure that I minimise the damage to hair by protecting it before I style. Hair oil, hair masques and heat protectant sprays are some of the products I use normally use.

Early in September I was sent the Restora™ Protein Treatment - which is an innovative three-step hair treatment for damaged hair. Today, I will share my views on the same.

Restora Protein Treatment for Heat-Damaged Dry Hair

Comfortable Walking with VIONIC's Torri High-top Trainers

I hadn't heard of VIONIC until a few weeks back. Founded by Philip Vasyli who is a podiatrist, VIONIC make a stylish range of shoes, sandals, and boots using their award-winning FMT Technology orthotics. According to their website, a clinical study showed that VIONIC's sandals effectively alleviate non-traumatic, moderate heel pain. So, essentially their footwear is a combination of comfort and style with each of their shoes/boots being made with the right materials and right design.

VIONIC - Torri High-top Trainers

What to pack for a ski trip?

Stunning natural scenery and the thrill of speed - a combination which makes skiing a very fun and unparalleled sport. It is never too late to learn to ski although it is best to learn skiing while you are young (simply because the learning curve will be less). There are a few indoor skiing slopes in the UK where beginners can pick up the techniques required before they head to the mountains to ski in the dramatic scenery. So, once you have had the basic training and are ready to head on your ski holiday, it is the time to decide what needs to go into your ski holiday kit. In addition to your ski equipment (skis, ski poles and ski boots etc - which you can hire in most places), you will need to pack the following clothing/accessories for your ski holiday.

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