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Goya Black Rose | A Romantic Fragrance

Usually when one talks about rose based fragrances, one tends to assume it is a scent meant for ladies of a certain age. It couldn't be farther from the truth. A number of perfume houses have fragrances with the exquisite rose scent and these are gaining a lot of popularity with ladies of all ages. Goya's Black Rose is one such excellent rose based fragrance. Black Rose was first launched in 1955 and was very popular in the 50-80s. In 2014, the scent was recreated from the original archived formula and the classic was brought back! I had not used the original version so I could not compare the relaunched version to the older one but let me tell you straight up, the newer version is exquisite - very youthful and stylish - like a beautiful bouquet of fragrant roses.

Goya Black Rose

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